St. Petersburg, Pionerskaya st. 50
Three apartments with different characters
An elegant solution to a non-trivial problem: create a standard project, but leave each apartment individual.
The Premier Palace residential complex is located in a luxurious location: in the historical part of Petrogradka, on the banks of the Neva, directly opposite Krestovsky Island. The windows offer amazing views of the water and the old city.
74 м²

Area of each apartment
8 months

From signing the contract to completion of work
4.7 million rub

Turnkey budget for each apartment
63,500 rub

Turnkey cost per m²
We were faced with a very interesting task: three apartments with the same layout (but on different floors), intended for rent, had to be decorated differently, but at the same time we would still approach the problem comprehensively and, if possible, find ways to save money - at least , time.
Upon closer examination, it turned out that the layout needed to be completely redone.
Long dark corridors, a separate kitchen with a loggia, a separate living room and bedroom, and a lack of storage space made the space completely non-functional, mundane and dark.
In the course of many discussions and alterations, we came to a new layout, which included a bedroom with a wardrobe compartment, a spacious kitchen-living room, a guest office, two bathrooms: one with a shower, the other with a bath. And the rooms moved away from the usual square-rectangular shapes, turning into trapezoids.
This planning solution turned out to be so universal that it was decided to repeat it in all three apartments.

Design project and renovation
Hexagonal trapezoid according to the golden ratio
The interior design of all three apartments is based on light colors and natural materials. When choosing materials, we, as always, came up with an eclectic interior: there are tiles that cleverly imitate the canonical Italian Travertine, playful three-color hexagons on the floor, and natural oak boards tinted to look like chocolate tiger's eye.

A rather simple but high-quality German kitchen, the same in all apartments, clearly fits into the niche we created, turned into a home for the living room: even its shape resembles a large fireplace. There is everything for neat placement of dishes and food, as well as cooking.

We abandoned the wardrobe in the bedrooms in favor of a small but spacious dressing room. It is separated by two sliding doors with a "Magic" mechanism, the use of which creates the impression that the doors are floating in the air. In one of the apartments they installed a bright crimson bed, in the other two they limited themselves to a restrained, noble beige shade.

Living rooms are beautiful with their large windows located on a radial wall; this gives the space originality and even a certain solemnity. Given the relatively neutral range of finishes, we decided to add bright upholstered furniture as accents - a green sofa in one apartment, and blue sofas in the other two. Since as a result of the redevelopment, a niche was formed in part of each of the living rooms, we decided to give it to a large storage area, installing a system of shelves and drawers inside where you can place books, papers and various small items. We covered the niche with accordion-style facades flush with the wall.

We turned the loggia into a small room, the function of which may vary depending on the residents. This could be a separate additional dressing room (perhaps not the best option for such a chic look), an office, a children's room or a guest room.

Well, let's return to the beginning of our tour – the entrance area. Here in each of the apartments we placed a huge built-in wardrobe, which will certainly fit everything and even a little more.

Ulyana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio
The inspiration for the redevelopment of the apartment was the front double doors between the living room and bedroom. In style, these doors with beveled glass inserts tend more towards the Scandinavian style, however, other doors are chosen in contrast and as strict as possible. We used this technique to emphasize the exclusivity and festivity of these doors. They seem to "center" the space and give it lightness.

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