St. Petersburg, Vyborg highway, 5
Vyborgskoye Shosse, building 5 is a multi-apartment residential building, known as "Residential building with built-in service facilities", the building was built in the style of modern construction in 2002.

75 м²

Apartment area
12 months

From signing the contract to completion of work
6.2 million rubles

RUB 82,822

Turnkey cost per m²
The name "Asian Azerki" came from the project's flirtation with Asian motifs, the location of the apartment in the Ozerki district of St. Petersburg, and the love of humor.

The owner of the apartment wanted to create a fun, creative, bright space for her new life. Being a creative IT-girl in the truest sense of the word, the owner of the future interior wanted to "code" (read: hack) her own smart home, have a large screen and projector, have a workplace with huge monitors and large windows overlooking the city.

Uliana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio
This project started out "interestingly"
The customer Maria could not reach us.

Then she said that she first searched all over House to get acquainted with all the design studios and found the very studio with the very same projects and was delighted. But it was not there. At first she wrote to the site - there was silence in response, then she called, but the phone did not answer, then she wrote to Instagram, the message went to spam, it sat there for a week, and only then I found it and answered: is our design still relevant, since usually within a week people have already found an alternative studio.

What a pleasant surprise I was to receive the answer: well, of course, yes!

We immediately became friends, discovering many common interests; our understanding was facilitated by Masha's relaxed and ironic attitude towards life, sparkling humor and sharp mind. She grasped all the technical details on the fly, read plans without any hindrance, knew what she wanted. She was even planning to install a smart home herself. In general, an ideal client :)
Living room
According to tradition, we started with the living room: Masha definitely wanted a velvety ocher sofa. We wanted to build an unusual combination for this. And we decided that it would be a soft blue shade. Masha liked it.

So we got a soft blue kitchen, shades of ocher, and added black tiles for drama.

A family chair also appeared, which Masha had already sent  for  restoration and ordered fabric from England. We chose the fabric in accordance with the already established color concept.
The second stage of planning was the bedroom. I really love the Russian artist Karina Kino, she creates magnificent patterns and  drawings for clothes, posters, notebooks and even wallpaper! When her wallpaper appeared, I was delighted at the thought that I could use it in the interior. After meeting Maria, it quickly became clear that this was exactly the project, since Masha loves an extraordinary, bold approach and loves bold work with color.

So we unanimously chose the "Fantasy" wallpaper for the bedroom from the designer wallpaper store Fun house store.

Then this pattern "flew" onto the slopes of the large window. Masha wanted a large window where she could sit comfortably with a book and tea. The wide window slopes allowed us to realize this idea.

We remodeled the bedroom to create a spacious dressing room. Masha dreamed of such a dressing room and was happy that it was possible to do it.
Bathroom and corridor
We move to the bathroom. There I wanted to combine the combination with  photos of a beautiful couple... attention! sneaker. Beige combined with light green. As you understand, this project was carried out under the slogan "We are experimenting!", so we interpreted this in the realities of the interior and selected beige tiles with lush green grout. The third color, coral, also came in here. The painting on the facade is inspired by Asian motifs. Under the facades we organized a special niche with a beautiful velvet curtain for the cat's litter box.

In the corridor we continued to fantasize and then a neon unicorn appeared, and black tiles "climbed" onto the walls.
Catchy, but gentle, with bright spots on a pastel background, with a neon unicorn, a pink "balloon" dog and serene paintings - an interior in which you can be different, be yourself. Expand the world by looking at the details.
That's how it was "before"
What happened after
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