St. Petersburg, Aptekarsky pr., 18
the blue it is
The same blue you see when you swim into the open summer refreshing Baltic Sea
Modern and bright Skandi Klubb, a new residential complex from Swedish developer Bonava, is located on the northeastern edge of Petrogradka. From the windows of the apartment, located on the 7th floor, there is a beautiful view of the Kantemirovsky Bridge and the TV tower. In   they plan to   rent it out to   a couple or one person.
49 м²

Apartment area
2 months

From signing the contract to completion of work
3.8 million rub

Turnkey budget
RUB 77,55

Turnkey cost per m²
An efficient and modern layout, not plagued by an insane number of doors and unnecessary partitions.
49 square meters easily accommodate all the areas necessary for a modern person, from a reception area and an impressive balcony for morning coffee, to a spacious dressing room and a niche for a laundry room. It's always a pleasure to work with a well-thought-out basis, and it's great that more and more good layouts are appearing on the St. Petersburg market.

Design project and renovation
Boom! We are on the Baltic Sea!
The concept of the entire apartment came from  planning the shower area. As always, in  the bathroom I wanted fewer seams and  cutting tiles. The deadlines were tight, and the task was to completely prepare the apartment for living in a month and a half, and large-format matte (which is important!) marble-like porcelain tiles just happened to be in stock. Quite neutral in appearance, only the marble in the room would induce slight boredom... I wanted to "mix" it with something, and this something should be from# nbsp;availability, be in budget, meet the concept.

One day, when I was in the room itself and trying to imagine how it could "work", a vision came to me: the bathroom could be divided into two contrasting color zones, after all, in fact, we don't need tiles where there is no direct contact with water. And let the color seem to completely "bite off" half the room, along with the ceiling.The next step was to choose this accent color. We  started going through the colors  - burgundy, ocher, scorched grass color, terracotta and, finally, rich blue. The same blue that you see when you swim into the open summer refreshing Baltic Sea... And boom! We are on the Baltic Sea and this is very logical and symbolic. That's why   - blue! Or, as they say: the blue it is!

Uliana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio
Our blue stripe comrades spread to other rooms: the hall, kitchen and bedroom. So this technique shaped the interior of the entire apartment.

Elegant salad made from simple ingredients
Saffron and sapphire
In the hallway, we carefully, as if adding a pinch of saffron, built in an Indian console made of acacia, one of the most textured and interesting types of wood, to my taste. It was 7 centimeters larger than the niche into which it needed to be squeezed, so the seller carefully trimmed it to us by 3.5 centimeters on each side.

In the living room, I would draw your attention to the vinyl rug of the Israeli brand "Beija Flor" - a rather unexpected material for a rug near the sofa, but, firstly, when we put it down during styling at a photo shoot, it lay there like it was native, and secondly, it has a very pleasant velvety texture, which is pleasant to feel with your foot. Plus, it's hygienic: wipe it down with antibacterial spray and move on.

Now about the dining room. I can't help it but I really loved the combination of mustard velvet chairs and matte pale pink tableware. I'm currently in this color scheme.
Apricots and gold
Apricot-colored leather handles on the kitchen facades look bomb and add hooliganism to rather simple facades. We doubted for a long time whether it was worth using them in a rental apartment, but in the end we decided. I hope they last a long time.

Lifehack! Pay attention to the handmade decor above the bed, which we came up with my constant textile specialist Yulia Trifanova from the Bergamo studio. We took metallic matte gold coasters from H&M Home, then silk cords with the ends painted gray to create a color gradient, and hung them over the bed. It turned out great!

In the bathroom, a lamp with a gold element, a replica of the Italian "Flos", is worthy of attention - it adds gloss to the bathroom space. I would also appreciate a huge mirror and our favorite technique, a blue velvet curtain, theatrically stitched with gold fringe. Another interesting detail here is the decorative ceramic birds plated in glossy gold. I found them in Belgium a hundred years ago, after which they waited a long time in the chest of drawers with the remains of wallpaper, pens and pieces of textiles, although there were several attempts to use them. In this project, they finally came into place, pairing perfectly with matte blue and becoming the cherry on the cake.
When decorating interiors for rental apartments, we, as a rule, do not  use expensive materials and  equipment. While I love complex interiors, I also love creating interiors with accessible items it's like making an elegant salad with simple ingredients.

How to rent out such an apartment? Now I want to live in it! Perhaps our editor has already settled there. It seems as if the apartment is connected to the city: the river outside the window, the river at home. There were also difficulties - the rapid implementation of the project with a rather limited budget. Ulyana Skaptsova found a way out and brought DIY crafts into the interior. Now the house has a soul. The sketch "Seventh Heaven" by composer Ulyana Skaptsova is completed.
Anna Lukanina,
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