St. Petersburg, Chapaeva street, 16
Arctic fox's urban dream
Living space as a product of individual reflection, necessary only for the resident, reflecting only his needs and interests.
From the very first visit to a small two-room apartment on the Petrogradskaya side, when the new Finnish house of the YIT company was just put into operation by the developer, it became clear that the apartment had an unusual future. The reason for this is the courage of the owners to discard all templates and conventional rules of interior design and listen only to their desires and requests.
63 м²

Apartment area
12 months

From signing the contract to completion of work
11.2 million rub

Turnkey budget
RUB 177,777

Turnkey cost per m²
If unnecessary - under the knife
Numerous partitions were the first to disappear from the apartment, which made it possible to create an open space for creativity and movement. Next, the TV zone went under the knife as unnecessary.

Design project and renovation
A place to contemplate the rooftops of St. Petersburg
The classic "TV – coffee table – sofa" scenario would divide the kitchen-living room space into zones that are inappropriate for such a small space and unnecessary for the single tenant for whom this project is designed. Having looked reality in the eye and admitted to ourselves that all entertainment and news had long since moved from the television screen to the screens of laptops and phones, we revealed the idea of a living room in the key of a comfortable zone for working at a table and a place for contemplating the St. Petersburg roofs through the view window of the ninth floor of the house .You can sit at a table, on armchairs, on "gatherings" (one of the "features" of the apartment is the individually designed decoration of window sills with wooden slats) and even on a soft carpet.

Uliana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio

Furniture, decor and textiles
Professionals and Dreamers
Common areas through individual delivery
The aesthetic space near the title wall, the first one that anyone sees when entering the apartment, was occupied by an exhibition created based on the most pleasant memories for the owner of the apartment: among them are photographs from an unforgettable trip to the Arctic and lamps made with the hands of the owner's beloved father. Soon speakers and a vinyl player will also appear on the shelves - essential objects for a connoisseur of good music. In the meantime, the passion for music is reflected in the kitchen apron, stylized as an equalizer, the concept of which contains the timbre of the owner's favorite song.

By the way, the dining area was also mentally allocated to the kitchen - which is why a bar counter was added to the project. The large oak table in the apartment was conceived specifically by the worker; for this purpose, it has access from all four sides and is located in the most comfortably lit place in the room, providing the opportunity to engage in creativity with a perspective view through the window, and not into a blank wall.
According to the hostess, there is no place better than a modern restaurant for communicating with friends, and an apartment is a personal and romantic space, so it is strange to set up a dining table and a sofa for a couple of meetings with a friendly company, and spend the rest of the days and evenings alone in the "waiting room." someone in a furniture-laden space.
Personal space: a mink for an arctic fox
You can enter the bedroom and master bath, even more intimate areas of the apartment, through tall double doors inspired by the palace interiors of the hostess's alma mater – the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University, located in the Bobrinsky Palace. It was the doors that became the most philosophical piece of furniture, embodying the transition from an active space to a cozy "hole", created for a sweet sleep curled up under soft blankets.

The idea of the "mink" was inspired by the presence of the apartment owner's totem animal – the polar fox. The animal spins an arctic aesthetic loop from room to room, like its bushy tail, which it wraps around its nose on a frosty polar night. In the bedroom and master bathroom (decorated in darker colors than the rest of the room to emphasize the "burrowing" effect), the arctic fox is metaphysically present while its owner is there. He looks through the palace doors with his lamp-eyes from the lamp in the kitchen-living room, relaxing there with his favorite music on his headphones.Finally, in the guest bathroom, visitors can see themselves in the arctic fox and feel the arctic fox in themselves by looking into a custom-cut "dog mirror."
It is worth noting that a huge number of items in the apartment were made to order. Among them are a bed, an interior door, seating areas, bookshelves, a bar frame, a work table and slats in the hallway. Kitchen facades and lamps in all rooms were brought from Europe.
The renovation process took a long time, but the result exceeded all expectations. We managed to rethink the living space as a product of individual reflection, necessary only for the resident, reflecting only his needs and interests, and not a standardized sofa-TV template created under the influence of public opinion.

It was in revealing the individual potential of the resident in the interior that this project was conceived and created, which would have been impossible without the teamwork of the designer and the customer, the professional and the dreamer, because only in disputes between the rational and the desirable are ideas and truth born.

Ulyana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio

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