St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 8
urban eclecticism
Eclectic interior for a Finnish hotel in the center of St. Petersburg.
Helsinki is a city of contrasts created by people who come here from all over the world. It was this spirit and mood that we were inspired by when we created a bright interior for our client – a Finnish hotel not far from the Hermitage.
219 м²

Object area
5 months

From signing the contract to completion of work
4.5 million rub

Turnkey budget
RUB 20,548

Turnkey cost per m²

Design project and renovation
Feel life in all its manifestations

When we presented the project to the client - a Finnish hotel not far from the Hermitage - we had three concepts to choose from: a Finnish forest with an emphasis on deep green shades, Lapland minimalism with an emphasis on coziness, and the eclectic city of Helsinki with bright details. It was the last option that turned out to be close in spirit to the customer.

Initially, we planned to make only one accent color: blue. Purple came about for rational reasons because blue fabric had run out. But we all found it even more interesting, and we made two different types of numbers.

Delicate green sofas, which you can sink into like fresh spring grass, perfectly complement the interior. We also decided to get a little naughty and throw some abstract drawings on the wall. For us, this is a symbol of how unpredictable, interesting and invariably beautiful life can be!

Uliana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio
This interior evokes exactly the opposite emotions in many: some consider it peaceful, while others consider it lively and active. We like that guests want to observe their feelings in this interior.

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