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This children's room is a project for the TV show "The Big Change" and its characters: a large family. Together with the Peredelka team, we created a new space for brother and sister! As a result, we received a bright, joyful, playful, cheerful space for children to live harmoniously.

16 м²

Apartment area
3 months

From signing the contract to completion of work
1.5 million rub

RUB 93,750

Turnkey cost per m²
What we had at the start of this exciting project: a dark, elongated children's room with one window in dark blue tones, the decor reminiscent of ships and travel.

In addition to the dark range of colors used, such important things caught the eye as:
  • lack of light and lack of its scenarios,
  • carpet laid on a concrete base,
  • a massive bed partially covering the window,
  • dressing room, where there is no division of the zone of things for a boy and for a girl,
  • ill-conceived workplaces, "scattered" in different corners of the room,
  • lack of a unified color concept.
Therefore, after visiting such a nursery, we really wanted to create a space that was as opposite as possible, different from what it was.

A space where children will grow up happy.

Uliana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio
Our tools in achieving this goal were
Light materials: parquet boards, radiator, large window with an interesting "sliding" feature.
An airy and cozy bed where everyone has their own "corner".
Hidden and spacious storage drawers so kids' messes find a home.
Reading Circle: Let children develop neural connections in an interesting position.
The soul-warming neon lighting Play is the main element of childhood.
Even at the sketch stage, we knew: the room would sparkle with new colors and breathe with childish freedom and spontaneity.

"This is the real secret of life - to be fully involved in what you are doing here and now. And instead of calling it work, understand that it is play," the words of Allan Watts became our motto in our work and parting words for future residents.
Sleeping area
A two-story bed arrived in the children's room: with an arch and a convenient light for evening reading. The bed has a drawer for storing bedding and a convenient ladder with storage systems.

New mattresses with hypoallergenic coconut coir filling will now be responsible for a sound and healthy sleep. They are based on a block of independent springs that adapt to the contours of the body during sleep.
Study area
Our young heroes will certainly be very comfortable sitting at the new double table, where there is enough space for everyone and for all their textbooks, pens and pencils. And the new chairs will help schoolchildren develop correct, beautiful posture.

To make the Kulikovs' nursery brighter and warmer, we replaced the window. Now sunlight penetrates the entire room, but the frosty night air does not. On the windows there are laconic electric roller blinds. With one press of a button, the curtain will open or close itself. This will make it more comfortable for children to study without bright rays.
Reading and play areas
There is more space in the children's room, and now, while one is reading in a cozy chill-out area, the other can sit with toys on the floor under the lighting of a pair of minimalist acrylic sconces.

To add color to the children's room and add bright accents to the interior, we added a cheerful yellow color.
Storage system and parts
The guys now have their own closet sections: with rods, shelves for off-season storage, organizers and convenient drawers. All trousers, sweatshirts and tracksuits will now be stored in plain sight. There is no need to call your mother to find the necessary thing.
To make it easier to pack clothes for the week, we have prepared a special set of hangers. Festive outfits

We sorted the toys and put them in containers. The drawers are shallow. These are easier to maintain order.
Juicy and invigorating lemon lit up the nursery. With him, games will be more fun, reading will be more exciting, lessons will be more diligent, and mischief will be brighter.
That's how it was "before"
What happened after
Now we are settling in and getting used to the children's new room. She is cool! Light, comfortable, so unusual. We have a lot of cabinets and shelves, free space for games. Thanks to Ulyana, our designer, for being able to come up with an interior that was comfortable to be in.

I really like the colors and the room means that the kids will be able to grow in it and use it for a long time. There are no childish hints (such as bears or dinosaurs), and there is also no division by gender - it is convenient for both boys and girls. The children appreciated the chill-out zone, now it is their favorite place. The bed is like a nest, everyone has their own personal space! Stunning floor, it's my favorite! Everything in this room is suitable for living!

Review from a happy mom
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