St. Petersburg, Aptekarsky pr., 18
Cozy interior for a Finnish fairy tale writer
A space in which it is comfortable to live and create
We planned to make the next investment apartment in Skandi Klubb in the Finnish spirit - the modern Scandinavian architecture of the house built by the Swedish developer Bonava lends itself to this.
52,9 м²

Apartment area
2 months

From signing the contract to completion of work
3.6 million rub

Turnkey budget
RUB 68,052

Turnkey cost per m²
Spectacular and very modern layout, with a clear distinction between public and private areas.

Design project and renovation
Comfort in Scandinavian style
To calibrate perception when creating interior design, we were inspired by the image of a Finnish fairy tale writer - we wanted to create a space in which she would be comfortable living and creating. Therefore, the interior of the apartment turned out to be cozy and Scandinavian.

Uliana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio

Furniture, decor and textiles
Modern, eclectic, with a touch of irony
Irony and slight hipsterism
The entrance area with its accent red brick wall immediately encourages relaxation and creativity. Opposite, birch hook caps playfully "jump"—seasonal clothing is placed on them. All other storage is literally "around the corner", in a spacious niche with sliding doors, the design of which was determined by the kitchen facades. The kitchen design, in turn, was made up of a combination of classic gray facades, backsplash wall tiles laid in a staggered pattern and dark grout. This gave the overall style irony and a slight "hipsterness". A separate standing stainless steel hood also helped with this.

In the spacious kitchen-living room, which is the dominant feature of the apartment, we wanted to create the feeling of a living room rather than a kitchen, adding also elements of a workshop. A businesslike curved wall lamp, vaguely reminiscent in style of an antique drawing board lamp, helped with this. And a long table made of oak veneer, made locally, simultaneously acts as a dining and work surface.

Further in the living room there is a sofa bed with carelessly scattered pillows, which is necessary in a small apartment - here four of you can lie down while watching a thrilling episode of Hercule Poirot. The brick sideboard in the corner of the room echoes the brick wall of the entrance area and "ties" the interior together. A dark turquoise wall was chosen as a contrasting assistant, which, in turn, contrasts with the doors to the bedroom and bathroom.
Maximum relaxation
Entering the compact, but stylish and functional bedroom with a bed with a soft headboard, we approach the "feature" of this apartment - a spacious glazed loggia. In size it can be compared to an entire room, and in the summer it can be turned into a second living room - this is complemented by wicker chairs and a sofa.

We complete the tour of the apartment with the bathroom. The overall style of the bathroom is perhaps the most modern and Scandinavian. Everything here is functional: a massive sink with a cabinet, a large shower area enclosed by a sliding glass partition, and, the dream of many, a window providing natural light.
This apartment is a great example of an investment apartment being worked on. The interior turned out to be modern, eclectic, with a touch of irony. We completed the project in just over two months, fit into the planned budget, and she found her tenant within a week after all the work was completed.

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