St. Petersburg, Aptekarsky pr., 18
Tiger on a peach
In our next project in the Skandi Klubb residential complex, an apartment for rent, we added bright accents and elements of wild nature.

For this project we chose stick tiles - they are light, but practical due to the dark sticks. I wanted to support the people of the Urals. That's why the Ural porcelain tiles on our walls and backsplash are a cool gray-sand color that creates an unusual combination with stick tiles. I wanted to create not something already proven by many projects and colleagues, but to create my own unusual image. Red-peach walls in the bathroom added warmth to the strict image and relaxed the bathroom. This color also refers to the color of the tiger.

The headboard and sofa are also tiger-colored, designed to support our veiled tiger theme. Thus, the interior is built on hints and metaphors.

There are paintings on the walls - this is a feature of the apartment and ours in general. We love painting. We wanted to create a feeling of relaxation or bliss among the palm trees. This is how the image with the tropical forest appeared. And the tiger acts as a totem animal that protects you.

Uliana Skaptsova
Owner of US studio

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